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Level Up Your Money Mindset Workshop

Get the insider’s scoop on how to make peace with money!


About this event


Join me at this Level Up Your Money Mindset workshop where you’ll discover the keys to an empowered money mindset and learn how to rewrite your money script to serve you better.


In this session you will:

💰 Explore the behind – the – scene ways in which we’ve been socialised to view money

💰 Learn the secrets about how different people react to money

💰 Uncover and explore your own money journey

💰 Find highly effective ways to work with money that will support you going forwards


This session is for you if:

💰 You feel embarrassed about your relationship with money

💰 You feel unsure if the way you view money is helping or harming you

💰 You feel uncomfortable discussing money with friends, family, or employers

💰 You feel distressed about the way in which you spend money

💰 You feel anxious at the thought of spending money



So, bring yourself, a notepad and pen for this powerful session of self-growth. This one is not to be missed!

✨ ✨ ✨


Have a look below to check out some feedback from previous attendees:


"Every aspect of it was helpful. It was refreshing to be in a session without slides and have the ability to take time to reflect. Loved Lildonia and all the practical tips as well"


"The workshop was insightful and interactive/collaborative without putting people on the spot"


"Such openness and incredible positive energy"


"I thought the facilitation was brilliant. Really engaging session that left so much food for thought and gave me some actionable takeaways"

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