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Equality & Diversity 

I am deeply passionate about equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and firmly believe in cultivating a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, champions inclusivity, and embraces accountability. 
My EDI training sessions are thoughtfully crafted to empower your organization with the essential tools and knowledge needed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for both colleagues and customers.

Through my training programs, I offer a range of impactful topics:

✨ Racial Equity, Anti-Racism Cultural Awareness: By enhancing cultural competency among employees, addressing systemic disparities, and challenging discriminatory practices, we work towards fostering a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

✨ Unconscious Bias Training: I provide effective strategies to build an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, fostering an atmosphere of belonging for all.

✨ Intersectionality Training: Understanding and embracing the interconnectedness of various identities and experiences enables us to create a truly inclusive environment that celebrates the uniqueness of everyone.

✨ Allyship & Advocacy Training: Supporting employees to become active allies and advocates for marginalized groups strengthens your organization's commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility.

I am also able to deliver tailored training sessions that cater to your organization's specific needs, addressing any unique challenges and seizing opportunities to foster a workplace that thrives on diversity and inclusion. 

Service Accessibility Review:

I also offer a 360-assessment tool to help organisations explore and improve the accessibility of their service-based business. My 360-assessment navigator is a powerful tool will provide a holistic evaluation of your business accessibility practices. We take an inclusive and thorough approach to examine all aspects of your offerings, ensuring that every customer, client, or user can experience your services without barriers. 


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"I attended training on mental health in the LGBTQ+ community and culturally diverse communities. 

I found the training to be very engaging and it provoked some great discussions with staff.

I learnt a lot and have some great ideas of how to implement more inclusive practice in my organisation. 

I have booked in intersectionality training for next month and am really looking forward to it.

Poonam, Head of Inclusion

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