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1-1 Wellbeing Coaching


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The Heal Thy Self Programme

‘Heal Thy Self' is my signature 1-1 wellbeing coaching programme. It is a two-part dynamic series designed to help you to find your bliss. It’s perfect for busy people who are committed to improving their wellbeing and want a stable and supportive environment to do so. 

Heal Thy Self is a programme designed to realise remarkable outcomes in short period of time. We tackle the most important issues straight away and work towards creating tangible results. Each package is bespoke and tailored to help you find the clarity, motivation, and confidence you need to move yourself forwards.

Clients usually come to me with a question, theme, or topic in mind and during our time together I help them to unpick the major areas for development. Once we’ve ascertained clarity around the right direction, I will work with you to create an empowered and assured action plan.

This programme is for you if:

✨ You feel overwhelmed with competing demands and responsibilities at home, work and in relationships

✨ You feel incapacitated by stress, anxiety, and low confidence

✨ You feel as if you’re missing on the joy that life has to offer and need some direction with your next steps

✨ You struggle with stress related physical ailments such as fatigue, headaches, or stomach aches

✨ You feel a sense of helplessness when trying to set boundaries with others


You’ll come out of this programme with:

✨A clear and effective action plan designed to guide you towards your wellbeing goals

✨ A self-assured belief in yourself, your mindset, and your personal power

✨ A renewed sense of joy and optimism about what you can achieve

✨Increased resilience and tools to draw on in the face of adversity

✨More energy, vitality, and inspiration


Features include:

✨One 60-minute wellbeing action planning session

✨One 30-minute wellbeing follow up

✨E-mail support for the duration of the programme


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