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Supporting people to feel refreshed, renewed and inspired


Workplace Wellbeing

Around 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health issue in a year

70 million days are lost off of work due to mental health yearly

Presenteeism accounts for 1.5 more losses in productivity then absenteeism 


A robust wellbeing offer is vital for any successful organisation. Simple changes to working practices can boost performance, employee attendance and engagement, staff retention and job satisfaction.

Employers have an obligation to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. By promoting staff wellbeing, companies can both meet these commitments and boost their reputation as socially responsible and ethical employers.

To foster an optimal wellbeing culture, people need to feel taken care of by their employers and feel able to show up to work as their authentic selves. Likewise, managers and leaders need to feel confident to support their team’s mental health and wellbeing needs.

I deliver BESPOKE workplace wellbeing services for organisations across a range of sectors and have carefully crafted these workshops using leading methodology from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and leadership coaching.


How can we work together?

Wellbeing Workshops:

I provide workshops on topics such as:

✨ Stress Management
✨ Mental Health Awareness
✨ Resilience Building and Growth Mindset
✨ Work-Life Balance
✨ Coping with Change
✨ Self-Care and Self Compassion 
✨ Physical Wellness
✨ Sleep Hygiene 
✨ Building Boundaries      

I also offer bespoke sessions and can tailor training related to your industry, specific community groups, and the needs of your organisation.

Reflective Practice Sessions:
I facilitate reflective practice sessions for caring professionals, managers, and new leaders. 

At present I deliver sessions for for social workers, primary care workers, mental health first aiders and educational professionals. 


These sessions are supportive and compassionate spaces for employees to explore their experiences and professional practice.


It is an incredibly valuable tool for professional development and can help employees to identify strengths and weaknesses, self-awareness and develop their skills.


Having in-house reflective spaces can help reduce the risk of stress, burnout, and exhaustion.


"After attending Lildonia's workshop I feel really inspired. I was getting really run down and every day felt like a marathon. I couldn't see the wood from the trees. I've learned a lot about myself today and now understand how stress can make my body react. It was good to think about how I can avoid this and I will try my best to be proactive with my stress levels as opposed to being reactive which is what I would have done before. Thank you Lildonia!!!"


Maria, Social Worker

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