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My name is Lildonia, and I am a wellbeing coach passionate about all things’ health and wellbeing!


I have a background in psychology and mental health and have been working in the field since 2009. I'm also a fully qualifed yoga & fitness instructor. I believe that the mind and body are intrinsically linked and this belief runs throughout all of my work


My mission is to inspire, educate and equip people with the tools for long lasting health and healing so that people have the autonomy and knowledge to decide what is best for their body, mind and soul.


I have worked as a service and regional manager within the field and have 11+ years of experience providing wellbeing service delivery.


I provide wellbeing support and guidance via 1-1 coaching sessions, group programmes and through training within organisations.


Within my sessions I help people to dig deep and make BIG changes with their wellbeing from managing stress to creating a better work life balance and smashing the fears that hold them back.


My own health journey has included severe anxiety in my early twenties and a diagnosis of endometriosis in 2017. Although these times were difficult it has helped me put my life’s work into practice by using the techniques I preach on myself. It has also given me a deeper level of understanding for my amazing clients when they are struggling with their own health and wellbeing needs.


I'm so glad to have you here and I'm excited to find out more about you!












* Mental Health First Aid Trainer


* Sexual Violence Liason Officer


* L3 Award in Education and Training


* Sex & Relationships Education


* Holistic Coaching


* Stress Coaching


* Relationship Coaching


* Diploma in Personal Coaching


* Psychology & Sociology BSc


* Introduction to Counselling




Lildonia's Qualifications:

Lildonia Lawrence


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