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Supporting people to feel refreshed, renewed and inspired

Supporting people to feel refreshed, renewed and inspired


Supporting people to feel refreshed, renewed and inspired


My name is Lildonia, and I am a wellbeing coach and equality & diversity trainer. I'm also a yoga instructor and fitness professional. I have worked in the field since 2009 and am passionate about all things health, wellbeing and diversity!


My specialist areas are BIPOC wellbeing and workplace wellbeing. I believe that everyone should have access to high-quality mental health and wellbeing education especially those who may be socially excluded or marginalised. My mission is to provide inclusive and accessible services that inspire, educate, and equip people with the tools for long-lasting positive mental and physical health.

My health journey has included severe anxiety in my early twenties and a diagnosis of endometriosis in 2017. Although these times were difficult it has helped me put my life's work into practice.

I now provide wellbeing support via workplace training, group programmes and 1-1 coaching. I would love to see a world in which people have the autonomy and knowledge to foster good health for themselves and to share that knowledge and power with others, leading by example.





Amy L

Mental Health Awareness
Workshop Attendee

Although it was a 3 hour training session, it did not feel like it at all. Lildonia was absolutely amazing, engaging and understanding

Shilpa P 

Resilience Training Attendee

Lildonia was awesome. She was easy to follow during the session. Very patient and engaging as well. I 1 have learnt a lot today that I can apply in my day to day life. It's a constant struggle but there are things you can do to go from survival to growth. You don't have to be stuck and struggle. There are resources like this that provide alot of support to many people. It is fantastic. I'm really glad I had this session. Worth it”

Helen W

Supporting Culturally Diverse
Staff Training Attendee

“I really enjoyed it. I loved Lildonia as the trainer she was kind and attentive to how everyone felt and all the feedback. The session really brought up some interesting points and I found it gave me some tips that I can practically implement in my work as a therapist. 

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